Travel Requirements

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Health Requirements
Vaccination is highly recommended for those travelling to South Sudan, especially for the first time.
During the rainy season, it is advised to have vaccination against Typhoid while in the dry season, it is advised to have the vaccination against Cholera. Other vaccinations include Malaria, Meningitis and Yellow Fever.
Please note: If traveling out of South Sudan through Kenya, you will require a Yellow Fever certificate in order to enter. Failure to have the certificate means you will be vaccinated at the airport before being released.
When to Visit
There are two main seasons: wet and dry. Take or give one month, the wet season begins roughly about the end of April and ends about the end of November, followed by dry season.
The closer one moves to the Equator, the longer the wet seasons while the further north from the Equator, the shorter the wet season and the longer the dry season. So the climate varies from very hot and humid in the wet season and very hot and dry in the dry season. There are variations of course, depending on the altitude and the season.
What to Wear
Although light clothes are recommended during the dry season, December and January in particular, the temperature drops at night and can be pretty cold in some locations. A sleeping bag or a blanket may come in handy.
What to Bring
Anti-malarial drugs and water purification equipment or tablets are highly recommended. Bottled water can also be purchased locally as many small shops in most locations are well stocked with basic items. A mosquito net and/or mosquito repellant is also a necessity.
Driving is on the right side. Visitors without experience of African roads are advised to organize a vehicle with a driver rather than self-drive.
Issuance of Visas through South Sudan Embassies
Transition of pass permits to visas.
Please be informed that effective October 2011, the Embassy of the republic of south Sudan in Kenya is now endorsing visa on passports.
1. All applicants will be required to launch their visas in person.
2. Original passport valid for at least six month to be presented on submission of application.
3. Two recent colour passport size photos.
4. Yellow fever vaccination card.
5. Letter of invitation and intent.
6. For purpose of business, registration from host country and registration from south Sudan.
Visa fee payable at:
Account Name: Government of south Sudan special permit account;
Bank: Kenya commercial bank, Sarit centre branch;
Account number: 402004247
1. Single entry visa for countries of common boarder with south Sudan: USD 50
2. Single entry visa for European and American citizens: USD 100
3. Single entry visa for other African countries and Asia: USD 100
4. Multiple entry visas (valid for 6 month): USD 250
5. Multiple entry visas (valid for one year): USD 400
Note: Visa fee is non-refundable and all payments should be made in USD
         Launching: 09:30a.m-12:30pm
Collection: 02:30pm-04:30pm
Period of processing is 2 working days.
Getting to South Sudan
Juba International Airport, located in Juba, Central Equatoria State, is served by a number of international airlines, including Sudan Airways, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.
South Sudan can also be reached overland from North Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Ethiopia.
On Arrival
The only authority in South Sudan is the Government of South Sudan based in Juba, the capital of Central Equatoria State. Any visitor going to Sudan through Khartoum requires a valid visa.
Immigration regulations stipulate that anyone currently going to South Sudan needs to obtain a travel permit from the Government of South Sudan's (GOSS) Ministry of Regional Cooperation Mission Offices abroad, supervised by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.