National Parks in Southern Sudan

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The Bandingilo National Park, sometimes spelled Bandingilo, is located in South Sudan's Equatoria region, within the states of Central Equatoria and Eastern Equatoria. It was established in 1992. Situated in a wooded area near the White Nile River, it is over 10,000 square kilometers (3,900 sq mi) in size.
Earth's second-largest annual animal migration (largest is the Serengeti migration), involving multiple species of antelope including reedbuck, tiang, and white-eared kob, takes place in the park, which is also home to iconic African megafauna like the giraffe. It also contains large marshlands stretching up into Jonglei state. The park supports large bird populations. Though a major wildlife preserve, the park lies within a Total oil concession, potentially exposing it to surveying and drilling.
On 6 July 2011, three days before South Sudan formally seceded from Sudan, an administrative headquarters was officially opened at a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Central Equatoria Governor Clement Wani and USAID's Sudan director William Hamminck. Due to South Sudan's intense poverty and a lack of facilities, something the new administrative center is part of plans to alleviate; Bandingilo is one of the least tourist national parks in the world.
The Boma National Park is found in South Sudan close to the Ethiopian border. It was established in 1986. This site is 22,800 kmĀ². The park is an important refuges for the white-eared kob (Kobus kob leucotis) the Tiang (Damaliscus korrigum korrigum) and the Mongalla Gazelle (Eudorcas albonotata). Other large species are African buffalo, African elephant, leopard, giraffe, plains zebra, oryx, hartebeest and cheetah. The neighboring Gambela National Park in Ethiopia protects similar species.
Sunset in Jonglei Southern Sudan is a beautiful tourist destination with a vast diversity of fauna and flora, scenic beauty, diverse culture, historical   sites and variable   climate.   It has wonderful wetlands which are inhabited all year round with thousands of Birds species and some migratory birds and it boosts of one the largest swamps on earth called the SUDD Area. Besides that, the Nile and the other Rivers represent a major attraction and can provide a venue for other tourist activities such as cruise launching, sport fishing, white water rafting, Birds...