Hotels , Bars , Restaurants, and lodges in Southern Sudan

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Juba Bridge Hotel, as its name implies, is located in Juba, the capital of Southern Sudan. It is placed adjacent to Juba Bridge, which is the only Nile Crossing in all Southern Sudan
"Juba Bridge Hotel is an approved hotel by the United Nations, Department of Safety and Security"
Be the leader in customer value in the field of hospitality
Offer the best value in tranquil and serene atmosphere
Constantly improve our services by setting and achieving objectives
Structure multicultural teamwork.


  • We are situated right at the bank of River Nile
  • Fabulous scenery, romantic and panoramic
  • Cool temperatures occasioned by the natural mango trees shade
  • Free Internet service
  • Provide intercom telephone service
  • Unmatched professional customer service
  • Market age high ranking government and party officials select us
  • Foreign dignitaries, UN and NGO officials choose us
  • Our service culture is unique. The yes, we can help attitude gives surety that every customer is cared with assenting service attitude at every point of contact. The hotel directors, manager, the waiter / waitress, the receptionist, the porter - everyone plays a vital roll in delivering an excellent guest experience

Our rooms consist of:
 Prefab Rooms
Block Suites Class A
Block Suites Class B
Our accommodation offers you:
Clean, Tidy Rooms
Air Conditioned Comfort
Self-Contained Accommodation
Furnished Wardrobe
Internet Facilities / Net Caf
Admin Office for Business Services
Television Set
Internal Telephone / intercom
Responsible Laundry Team
Indulge yourself & treat yourself to a wide variety of tasty cuisines & a range of beverages the JBH style. 
Fully Stocked Bar, Wines from South Africa and France, spirits, beers, soft drinks and a variety of many other drinks to cater for your varying requirements.
Continental Restaurant, High standard restaurant with professional cooks to satisfy that hungry appetite. We serve buffet, ala carte and pizza. We are specialists in Eritrean / Ethiopian traditional meals.


Modern Conference Hall, Air-conditioned, capacity 500 pax, with the latest technology surrounds sound system and projector with large projection screen. Equipped with LCD Projector, Screen and Flip Chart. Tea / Coffee break with a variety of cakes, Buffet Lunch, etc.
Dedicated Airport Pickup Shuttles to pickup all our valued guests form the airport.
High-Speed, Wi-Fi 24hrs. Internet facilities to all our guests offered at the JBH business office / Internet Café. Wireless Net Access with Wi-Fi Hotspots.
Admin office for business services & support. (Document Scanning / Fax / IDD / Binding / Laminating / Printing / Typing, etc.)
Facilities to arrange special functions & parties for large number of guests indoors or in our outdoor facility 
24 hrs high quality security services, with armed and well trained security officers

Logali House in Juba

Logali House is a kind of unofficial Expat Headquarters as many people meet here during the day for formal meetings, or making the dining room (with high speed internet) their offices. When it gets dark the meetings turn social and it seems Logali House is the thriving local bar for everyone to meet up at.

The menu is a chalkboard ever changing and always fresh which we were told, was to cater for longer term clients and the guests that have been in Juba for years and yearn for variety.

Logali House has a kind of 'feel at home' way about it where the staff remember your name and your usual drink and while work assignments are tough in Juba these small touches are a nice feeling at the end of a long day.

Acacia Village.

Have a long stay at Acacia Village in Juba, South Sudan. As a place to stay / hotel in Juba, this place is certainly the best option.

The rooms are really nice - in purpose built cottages. All en-suite, with A/C, satellite TV, wireless internet, etc. Price wise it is much more reasonable than the other top level hotels in Juba.

The facilities are also superb - the place has a tennis court (the only one in Juba), a swimming pool, gym area, and loads of open space to walk around with gardens and trees.
The whole compound (must be at least 6 acres big) is protected by 24/7 guards and a wall - really do feel very safe when there.

The service is good - the bar is run by a very friendly staff and is well stocked. The food is very good quality and the restaurant has a nice ambience and setting.

We recommend every one to Acacia village visiting Juba and looking to stay in a truly comfortable place, at good prices.

The location is a real winner - out of the packed/crowded and noisy centre - loads of space for the facilities (pool, tennis, etc). Rooms are great!




The Bar and Restaurant is exactly like you are on a luxury Safari - with excellent Food and Great Service.
The Accommodations are individually set - NOT like the other 'prison camps' - with beautiful lush gardens that make you even wonder if you are in Juba.

UNIQUE - is the word.
EXQUISITE - is the Place.