Education in Southern Sudan

The educational system of South Sudan is modeled after that of the Republic of Sudan. Primary education consists of eight years, followed by three years of secondary education, and then four years of university instruction; the 8 + 3 + 4 system, in place since 1990. However, the primary language at all levels is English, as compared to the Republic of Sudan, where the language of instruction is Arabic. There is a severe shortage of English teachers and English-speaking teachers in the scientific and technical fields in the New Sudan. Therefore South Sudan welcomes volunteers and those willing to improve in the education sector of the country.

Higher Education in South Sudan

When South Sudan attained its independence on 9th July 2011, the new state attained nine public and sixteen private universities. Out of nine public universities, five are already functioning and have students on campus. The other four public universities are new and do not yet have any students.

It is notable that the current state of higher education institutions in South Sudan is a major challenge. The physical infrastructures in the original campuses are dilapidated and not capable of accommodating the increased number of students. On the teaching staff situation the Northern Sudanese teaching staff on these universities used to average 65%, but now the capacity is at 35%. Generally, there is lack of regulations and institutions that control and assure quality of higher education in South Sudan.

Girl Education

There are many Non Governmental organizations that are trying to improve girl education in South Sudan. An example of such, is South Sudan Education which has a mission of helping rebuild war torn South Sudan through education, nurturing peace and hope for its people’s future.

There are several activities that are carried out to improve the education sector of South Sudan that include construction of permanent school buildings, water pump etc.

However there are many challenges that still persist in promoting girl education in South Sudan;

  • Many communities have negative attitudes towards girl education
  • There are a few education institutions within the new state.